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Airalo Launches eSIM Solution in Israel, Redefining Travel Connectivity

"The World's Largest and First eSIM Store, Airalo, Comes to Israel with One Clear Goal! To Lower Communication and Roaming Package Prices, Provide Fast and Immediate Internet Access Worldwide, and Free Travelers from Dependence on Local Communication Operators at Market-Breaking Prices."

What exactly is an eSIM, and why are we so excited about it...

Physical SIM cards, as you know them today, and virtual eSIM cards (using the new technology) operate in the same way. The only difference is how it is provisioned in the device. With physical SIM cards, you are required to physically insert the card into your device according to the country you are visiting. Alternatively, you have the option to purchase communication packages at high prices from the local communication operator. With eSIM, this is no longer necessary! The activation of the card is done instantly online through your phone by scanning a QR code. And the prices? They are significantly cheaper than what you're familiar with.

By 2024, there will be over 2 trillion eSIM-supported mobile devices worldwide.

Today, there is already a long list of devices that support eSIM. In fact, almost every new mobile device purchased today includes the technology. Currently, Airalo's coverage and service include over 200 countries worldwide, including Israel.

How do you connect to Airalo's eSIM service? It's simple!

eSIM technology has become very popular because it's so easy to connect and use.

  1. Download the Airalo app from the app store that matches your phone:

  2. Choose your destination country from a list of over 200 countries worldwide.

  3. Install the virtual eSIM by scanning the QR code.

  4. Activate the eSIM upon arrival at your destination.

Are there other communication companies in Israel that provide eSIM service?

Absolutely. eSIM technology is a game-changer. If, until now, you were required to purchase communication packages through your cellular operator at exorbitant prices or had to buy a physical SIM card with limitations in the country you arrived in, today you have the option to purchase eSIM from various providers. Note! It is important to purchase the card from a reputable provider and not through a third party. Airalo is one of the leading communication companies in the world today, providing high-level security and excellent service worldwide.

Sample prices of Airalo's eSIM communication packages:

  • United States: 5GB data for 30 days at $16

  • Italy: 2GB data for 15 days at $8

  • Thailand: Unlimited data for 15 days at $19.95

  • China: 5GB data for 30 days at $16.5

  • India: 5GB data for 30 days at $16

  • Australia: 5GB data for 30 days at $12.5

  • Israel: 10GB data for 30 days at $18

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